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Shakespeare in Movies: ENG 0822, ENG 0922

Research help for the course, "Shakespeare in Movies."

Film Review vs. Film Criticism

Collage of periodicalsQuestion: What's the difference between film reviews and film criticism?

Answer: Film reviews are assessments of the aesthetic, entertainment, social and cultural merits and significance of a current film or video.  Reviews tend to be short to medium length articles, often written by a single staff writer for a particular publication.  In most cases, the chief aim of a review is to tell the reader whether the film is worth going to see (or purchasing).  Although reviews are usually fairly "quick takes" on a movie, they can, in some instances, be lengthy, substantive, and very insightful.

Scholarly or critical writing about particular films--both current and historical--can be found in an amazingly wide variety of sources, including film journals, and publications devoted to theater, history, literature, women's studies, ethnic studies, and other disciplines.  Critical/analytic film articles tend to be more academic and substantive than reviews.  These articles often discuss particular films in broad social, political, and historical context.  Many times the focus of these articles is on a fairly specific aspect of a film, a director's work, or a film genre.

Content from Film Studies: UC Berkeley Library, Film Reviews and Film Criticism: An Introduction

Find Film Reviews -- metasites

These freely available websites bring together reviews published in a variety of established and not-so-established online sources.  Choose your reviews carefully, and try to learn as much as possible about the source that published them.

Shakespeare Film Details

Need to double-check the year your film version was released? Need to confirm the director's name? Try using the source below.