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Immigration Law

A guide to resources for immigration law research at Temple Law Library

Browse immigration journals

Browse topical journals to find analysis of immigration and refugee law development. "Online first" articles are released before the issue goes to press and may be the earliest in-depth discussions of current issues.

Search for articles

Secondary sources - like articles, practice guides, and other scholarly works - give context and background, and help you better understand the issues. Journal articles take less time to publish than books; newer, and even pre-published articles may discuss developing policies.


Treatises provide in-depth analysis of immigration primary sources and policy. They also furnish practice guidance by gathering primary law resources, providing context, discussing application and appeal strategies, and supplying forms.

CRS Reports

CRS Reports, which are prepared by the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress, analyze a wide range of issues. They are usually created at the request of a member of Congress, yet they are not made directly available to the public online through official, open access channels. They may be accessed through ProQuest Congressional (Temple University only) and a few open access websites maintained by unofficial entities.