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Intro to Media Technology: MSP 1701

Research help for Cindy Burstein's course, MSP 1701: Intro to Media Technology.

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What to Look for When Searching for Creative Commons Content

Look for options to search by Creative Commons license type. This may or may not appear on the initial search screen. Flickr, for example, has a separate page for searching or browsing by license type:


Example of Flickr's Creative Commons search/browse page


Look for options filter or sort by Creative Commons license type in your results list. Vimeo, for example, lets you filter by license type in the results screen:


search results from Vimeo search with license options listed among the filters


When you find content of interest, look for details about the license. These details are often located near the creator and title information. You may see a license icon or the name of the license. One or both may be linked. Select the link(s) to get guidance in plain English on how you can use the content.

Example of where to find the license of an audio clip in Freesound