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Emergent Media Production: MSP 4741 / 8741

Research help for the cross-listed course, MSP 4741 / 8741: Emergent Media Production

Research Help for Emergent Media Production

TV screensThis guide will help you with the final paper for the course Emergent Media Production. Use the adjacent tabs to help you find sources about the affordances, constraints, and ethics of emergent media technologies. If you need help, contact the librarian

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Understand the Assignment

checklist Before choosing a topic, make sure you understand your assignment. Read your assignment and look for:

  • Due Date
  • Length of the assignment
  • Number and type(s) of outside sources
  • Topic guidance
  • Points your instructor wants you to cover

Make sure you understand your assignment’s purpose. Are you supposed to take a side in an existing argument, explain a problem, propose a position, describe a project or process, or do something else?

If you find that you cannot describe what your assignment is about to someone else, either read it again or ask your instructor for clarification.