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Occupational Therapy

Subject guide to resources in occupational therapy, therapeutic recreation and all aspects of rehabilitation.

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The articles below are available in full text, either through the journal's website or by searching the article title in a Temple University Libraries database. 

Nurturing the Prepared Mind: Research During Level II Fieldwork
Tera A. Richards, Sara Clark, Stephanie J. Dapice Wong, Helen S. Cohen and Susan L. Garber
AJOT: American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 74(1)
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Occupational Therapy Students’ Perspectives of Professionalism: An Exploratory Study.
Sullivan, T. M., & Thiessen A
The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy
2015 vol: 3 (4) pp: 1-17
Fieldwork Educators' Perspectives: Professional Behavior Attributes of Level II Fieldwork Students.
Campbell, M. K., Corpus, K., Wussow, T. M., Plummer, T., Gibbs, D., & Hix S
The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy
2015 vol: 3 (4) pp: 1-13
Occupational therapy students' self-efficacy, experience of supervision, and perception of meaningfulness of Level II fieldwork
Andonian L
The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy
2017 vol: 5
The Student Perspective on Role-Emerging Fieldwork Placements in Occupational Therapy: A Review of the Literature
Lau M Ravenek M
The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy
2019 vol: 7 (3) pp: 1-21
Emotional Intelligence, Self-Efficacy, and Occupational Therapy Students’ Fieldwork Performance
Andonian L
Occupational Therapy In Health Care
2013 vol: 27 (3) pp: 201-215
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Transformative Experience of Master of Occupational Therapy Students in a Non-traditional Fieldwork Setting
Mattila A Dolhi C
Occupational Therapy in Mental Health
2016 vol: 32 (1) pp: 16-31
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Graduate perspectives of fieldwork placements in developing countries: Contributions to occupational therapy practice
Sim I Mackenzie L
Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
2016 vol: 63 (4) pp: 244-256
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Learning styles and fieldwork education: students' perspectives.
Robertson, Linda e
New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy
2011 vol: 58 (1) pp: 36-40
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International fieldwork placements and occupational therapy: Lived experiences of the major stakeholders
Simonelis J Njelesani J Novak L Kuzma C Cameron D
Australian Occupational Therapy Journal
2011 vol: 58 (5) pp: 370-377
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