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Pharmacy: Getting Started

A guide to drug information resources for faculty, students and hospital staff pharmacists.

Pharmacy Resources at Temple

The Ginsburg Health Sciences Library has many resources to support the Pharmacy School programs. Use this guide to explore some of those options. On this page you'll find some popular resources as well as an up to date feed for faculty publications.

  • Learn where to find articles in the Find Articles tab. Discover ways to find books in the Find Books tab.
  • Use the Drug Information Project tab when you are involved in that project or need to find one of those resources quickly.
  • Under the Self Assessment tab you will find a link to the NAPLEX Review along with additional ways to test your knowledge.
  • Additional Resources contains some handy resources to know.
  • Want some help learning how to use one of our resources? See if we are offering a workshop under the Library Workshops tab.

You can always contact one of the librarians too!

Access Pharmacy

Access Pharmacy

Online pharmacy information resource containing well-known textbooks, drug therapy cases with Q&A, "Drug of the Week" quizzes, and a NAPLEX review.


Faculty Publications/Research

This list is based on an RSS feed that will find publications added to PubMed in the last 90 days for Temple University School of Pharmacy. Click on the "Website" link at the bottom of the page to view all of the citations in PubMed. 

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  Benjamin Blass, assistant professor of medicinal chemistry at Temple’s Moulder Center for Drug Discovery Research, and Daniel Canney, chair of pharmaceutical sciences and associate professor of medicinal chemistry, are co-inventors of technology to treat inflammatory bowel disease.

 Oscar Perez, assistant research professor of pharmaceutical science in the School of Pharmacy, is co-inventor of a treatment for mild psoriasis.