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Find Attitudes & Trends in Public Opinion Polling Databases

Need to find public opinion polls? Use the following databases to find polling data on a variety of topics across time.

Why Stats?

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Question: What value lies in statistics?  Why would a researcher use statistical or polling information?

Answer: Statistics can be very persuasive.  They can help clarify and put an argument into perspective.  Keep in mind, though: statistical data is only as good as the people who create it, the quality of their work, and how well they relay their personal or organizational bias.  

Evaluate Stats

Magnifying glass

When working with statistical data, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Where did the numbers come from?
  • How were the numbers collected?
  • What date range do the statistics cover?
  • Who exactly collected the data?

Find Stats & Demographic Data in Statistical Databases

Need to find statistics? Use the following databases to find statistical data on a variety of topics across time.