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Public Relations

Research help for identifying resources related to Public Relations.

Why Use Data?

graph chartData is raw information. Data or data sets are primary sources that are the result of research studies or surveys. Statistics are the collection, organization, interpretation, and analysis of data. Statistics are found in tables, graphs, and charts.

When and Why You Should Use Data:

  • You need to clarify and put arguments into perspective
  • You need to identify trends, outliers, and patterns across seemingly disparate topics
  • You need demographic information about trends in local communities, across states, or at the national level

Remember: Data alone can't make the argument for you. Treat data as evidence that requires interpretation. Data is only as good as the people who create it, the quality of their work, and how well they relay their personal or organizational bias. 

Find Demographic Data

Find Consumer Behavior Data

Find Public Opinion Data

Data Visualization Tools

Examples of different charts by Yvette W from Pixabay

Evaluate Stats

Magnifying glass

When working with statistical data, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Where did the numbers come from?
  • How were the numbers collected?
  • What date range do the statistics cover?
  • Who exactly collected the data?