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Qualitative Data Repository

Temple University is a member of the Qualitative Data Repository (QDR), a dedicated archive for storing and sharing qualitative and mixed-method research data for the social sciences and related fields.

Contact QDR early

Contact QDR ( as early as possible in the research process in order to get their assistance and guidance, even before beginning to collect data.

Their staff specialize in qualitative data and can help you with data management planning, grant funding application, consent forms and IRB application, designing data collection to maximize data sharing and reuse, and more.

QDR staff will help you build data deposit and curation costs into a grant application, or Temple researchers may benefit from our institutional membership's limited number of no-cost deposits each year.

Deposit your research data to QDR

Temple researchers who want to deposit data in QDR must create a QDR account using their Temple email address.

Video: Organizing and Archiving Qualitative Data with the Qualitative Data Repository

In this June 2023 session, QDR’s Senior Curation Specialist provided an overview of options for sharing qualitative data for an social science research network. She demonstrated how QDR’s deposit process works, gives examples of data sharing scenarios, and describes how sensitive data is secured under varying levels of access control.