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Social Welfare Policies and Services I: SSW 5005

Library and other research resources for students in SSW 5005, Social Welfare Policies and Services I

Books and social histories

 Social historians and other scholars often publish books about particular social issues that cover the history of a social problem, causes and responses, and give an overview of the relevant policy making. Other sources, like CQ Researcher, also contain shorter article-length summaries of this history of specific social problems and policy responses.

Some authors discuss theoretical approaches and social policy analysis frameworks.  Social policy: a critical and intersectional analysis (book)

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Finding Books Beyond Temple Libraries

Social Issue and Policy Overviews

Associations and Networks

Search for more social work related associations, welfare, special interest and advocacy organizations with Gale Directory Library.  For example, search "Social Work" or "Homeless" in the Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S. and filter by State and Subject Category.