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Social Welfare Policies and Services I: SSW 5005

Library and other research resources for students in SSW 5005, Social Welfare Policies and Services I

Social and Demographic Data

Data by Subject and Fast Facts

Visit the website of the agency (Federal, state or loca) that regulates or is responsible for the topic or is required to collect data, evaluate or report. Browse for or search for "fast stats" sites.
Find data from organizations and research centers and think tanks that are advocates for the issue or problem or study them.

Finding Data Tools and Tips

Finding data tools

Library catalogs, research guides and databases

  • Search for relevant Temple Library Research Guides or at LibGuides Community.  Guides for a specific topic or issue or survey can also be searched using Google or other search engine and adding "Login to Libapps" OR "libguide" to the search term and optionally limiting site to .edu.
  • Use  Temple Libraries'  A to Z list of databases to search for data related databases.

Searching is by keywords.  The subject descriptor appears to have a small number of biological and medical terms.

How to search on the Web of Science and save results and create alerts.

Training portal, training video library, and Data Citation Index video

The first link is to the 2022 ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S. 2022 Online Edition.

Search engines

Google can be used to search by adding "statistics" "database" or "data set"  or data to the search terms. Other useful search engine websites include:

Data Paper and Data Journals

"A data paper is a peer reviewed document describing a dataset, published in a peer reviewed journal." Global Biodiversity Information Facility

Where to find data papers and journals