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This guide will help you locate zines and materials about zines at Charles Library, in other libraries, and in online databases.

Find Books at Temple

a book

Need to find a book? Use the following source to find books at Temple.

 Try using the following keywords to find zines as well as books about zines:
  • Alternative Press
  • Artists' Books
  • Fan Magazines
  • Fanzines
  • Little Magazines
  • Self-Publishing
  • Underground Press
  • Zines

Zines in the Special Collections Research Center


Arcade is the catalog of the New York Art Resources Consortium (NYARC). Arcade unites the collections of the Frick Art Reference Library and the libraries of the Brooklyn Museum and The Museum of Modern Art.

Search Artists’ Books in Arcade to explore the zines at the Brooklyn Museum and MoMA. 

Notable Zine Collections

It can often be difficult to find zines in libraries. And every zine collection is different. Many libraries keep zines in their archives but may not have cataloged their holdings. More zine collections are being cataloged, however. The following are some of the most expansive, historically important, and prominent national zine collections.