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Guide Introduction

Welcome to my guide to history research at Temple University Libraries. Find here a variety of research tools to support your academic work. Use the blue tabs (above) or the Table of Contents (on your left) to find primary sources, secondary journal articles and books, reference and other history resources. This homepage provides quick access to articles, journals, and books, plus links to historians' blogs and a history poll. Bookmark this guide for easy retrieval:

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Summon is a simple yet powerful new search tool that allows researchers to discover the breadth of TU Libraries' collections. Whether you need to find books, newspapers, journal articles, dissertations and theses, music and film, archival material and more, Summon has you covered.

Military History Blog

"New Books in Military History" from the desk of Temple history professor Jay Lockenour.


In the Service of Clio

If you're exploring various ways to use your graduate degree in history then check out this unique blog maintained by historian Nicholas Evan Sarantakes. It contains posts of interest to anyone with a graduate degree in the humanities who is looking for career management advice. My favorite post: The History Ph.D. as a Librarian, of course!


More Blogging and Podcasting Historians

Blogs authored by professional historians reveal a side of historical scholarship not found elsewhere. Here are several of my favoriate historian-generated blogs:

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History Poll

Since at least the publication of R.G. Collingwood's classic, The Idea of History (c1946) -- also see online Peter Johnson's Collingwood's The Idea of History: A Reader's Guide (c2013) --  scholars have debated whether History belongs in the humanities or social sciences. What do you think?

History Poll