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Guide to history research at Temple University Libraries

Credentials Toolkit

Scholarly Credentials Toolkit for Historians

I developed the above-linked credentials toolkit to assist Temple University historians who wish to evaluate, quantitatively, their academic productivity.

The toolkit emphasizes:

  • article impact
  • journal impact
  • book impact

Why use the toolkit?

TENURE / PROMOTION / MERIT - Demonstrate to the tenure and promotion committee the impact of your scholarly work. Consider that monographs might not tell the whole story. Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference presentations should hold some weight, particularly for newer scholars. 

CURIOSITY - Beyond the question of tenure a scholar might simply wish to assess the impact of his or her work on the discipline. I am available for individual meetings or group presentations to facilitate the use of the sources described in the toolkit.

    New History Books

    Browse lists of new history books purchased by Temple University Libraries.

    Historians Today

    "Ithaka S+R has released Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Historians, the first in a series of studies that reveal the needs of today's scholars and offer guidance for how research support providers can better serve them."

    "This study, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, is a snapshot of a field in transition, and professionals supporting the work of historians will come away from it with a new or more nuanced understanding of historians' needs. The report also includes a list of actionable recommendations for how to make the work of historians easier or more effective."

    Historian Haunts

    Blogging and Podcasting Historians

    Blogs authored by professional historians reveal a side of historical scholarship not found elsewhere. Here are several of my favoriate historian-generated blogs: