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Child and Adolescent Development: EDUC 5402

This guide will help with your presentation project for your adolescent development course.

Research Help for Adolescent Development

This guide will help you with your EDUC 5402: Adolescent Development presentation project. All that is required is one popular media article that mentions one or more scholarly sources from which the authors obtained the info the popular media article discussed. Your presentation will be based on the scholarly source(s) after a brief description of the popular media article.

Work through the section tabs to learn the difference between popular media sources and scholarly sources, find a popular media source, track down the original scholarly articles mentioned in the popular source, and list your sources in APA format on the Reference slide in your group's Google slides. If you need research help, please contact your librarian or schedule an appointment through the link on the right.

Top Resources

  Go through the section tabs to learn when/how to use these resources

Research Help

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