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Child and Adolescent Development: EDUC 5402

This guide will help with your presentation project for your adolescent development course.

Scholarly or popular? How to tell the difference



Scholarly (also referred to as "Research," "Academic," or "Peer-Reviewed")


Written by journalists, freelance writers, or editorial staff

Written by subject specialists and experts in the field


Intended for a broad, general audience; appealing to non-specialists (Look at the “about us” link if an online source)

Intended for a limited audience - researchers, scholars, experts, and educators


References optional (often shorter or just links, if included at all)

Lengthy list of citations to other sources in bibliography


  • Newspaper articles (NY Times, Washington Post, etc.)
  • Magazines (Time, The Atlantic)
  • Blogs
  • Journal articles that report on original research (also commonly referred to as the "research literature" and "peer-reviewed" articles)
  • Scientific reports


Scholarly v. Popular Articles (Video)