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Child and Adolescent Development: EDUC 5402

This guide will help with your presentation project for your adolescent development course.

Tracking Down Research Referenced in a Popular Article

Once you've found your popular source, look at the keywords they use to describe the research, study, program, or researchers they reference. Use these keywords to search the sources listed in the box below this one. 

For example, this article quotes an author and gives a date for the report she wrote about her study. We can enter that information in Temple Library's advanced articles search, which would look like this:

I put the author's name in quotation marks so that the search would find her name as a phrase, instead of finding Owens or Judith, and I entered a publication date. From the results page, you can see the article we're interested in is listed second.

Top Resources for Scholarly Sources

Find Full-Text of Articles

If the article you have found in a database doesn't have the full-text right there, click on the  button available from most databases to locate the entire article online.

If the article is available online, click on the Article or Journal links.