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Persuasive Writing: ADV 1196

Research help for the course, ADV 1196: Persuasive Writing.

Why Use Data?

chartQuestion: What value lies in data? Why would a researcher use data like statistics, public opinion surveys, market research, or whole datasets?

Answer: Data can be very persuasive. It can help you support a claim with facts, see the big picture, and test your own hypothesis. It can also help identify trends and patterns of behavior, action, or inaction. Keep in mind, though: data quality is dependent upon where it came from, who collected it, how it was collected, and the age of the data.

Statistics & Data

Need to find hard numbers?  Use the following databases to find statistics on a variety of topics across time.

Public Opinion Surveys & Polls

Need to find public opinion polls? Use the following databases to find polling data on a variety of topics across time.

Media Statistics

MRI+ Tutorials

GfK MRI UIR logoAdditional directions for using and interpreting MRI+ Mediamark Reports: