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AI Tools for Research

This guide offers advice on AI-powered tools and functionality created for or used in academic research.

 Exercise caution

Popular chatbots such as Bing Copilot and Google Gemini are connected to the open web but don't have connections to scholarly literature databases meant for research. ChatGPT does not have scholarly literature connections without paid ChatGPT Plus access.

Generative AI chatbot responses often include a mix of correct and incorrect information. Popular chatbots without a research plug-in may make up fake citations when asked for scholarly research, or they may cite a real reference in a way that misrepresents its contents. See more about chatbots and web search on Temple Libraries' guide to Generative AI and Chatbots.

You may not want to rely on popular chatbots for any high-stakes purpose, such as conducting scholarly research. Try some of the other tools recommended on this guide that have direct connections to scholarly literature and data sources, and are aimed at supporting academic research.

Perplexity: A free chatbot with a research plug-in

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