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AI Tools for Research

This guide offers advice on AI-powered tools and functionality created for or used in academic research.

Quantitative data and computation

Write code to work with data

Standalone, free chatbots excel at generating code, and walking users through how to code a program to accomplish a task. This is useful for working with data. Try using a free chatbot, like ChatGPT, to generate code for retrieving, analyzing, or visualizing data. Then paste it into your preferred development environment. Several free computational notebook platforms also have AI coding assistance built in:

Working with qualitative data

Machine learning-based tools for automatic coding are not new in qualitative data analysis software, but some existing platforms and newer apps are introducing more generative AI features. Listed below are some that have either a free tier or are available to some Temple users.

When analyzing qualitative data from human participants, use caution in considering cloud-based tools. If personal or sensitive data is included, offline platforms may be needed to comply with university research security and IRB requirements for responsible data management.

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