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Faculty Services

Law Library services for Law Faculty

Library Collection

The Temple University Libraries share an online catalog for both the physical and digital items in their collections.  You can search for Books & Media, Articles, Databases, Journals, and Websites from this search screen.

Electronic Resources

Access to Legal Databases

All Temple Law Faculty Members have access to Westlaw, LexisNexis, and Bloomberg Law.  If you have any questions regarding access to these services please email Charlie Perkins or contact him by phone at (205) 215-2815.

Legal databases available include HeinOnline, Legislative and Regulatory Insight from ProQuest, PLI Plus, and CCH Internet Research Network/IntelliConnect.  A list of new online resources is maintained by the library.  For a list of these resources click here

Members of the Law Faculty also have access to additional electronic resources through the University Library system.  For a list of these databases click here.

Current Awareness

The following resources are available to assist you in staying abreast with emerging issues of interest.  If you would like additional information about any of these services please contact any of our reference librarians or email us at

  • Temple University now has unlimited access to The New York Times via  Access is available to current students, staff, and faculty after they create an account using their email address.  Full details are available on this Topic Guide:

  • Legal News Sites (Temple Law subscription)
    Bloomberg Law and Lexis provide access to a variety of legal news sources.  Bloomberg allows browsing; both Bloomberg and Lexis allow searching by keyword.

  • Government Agency Websites and Publications (open access)
    Government agencies – federal, state, or local – often provide information on recent legislative and policy developments.  The U.S. Copyright Office, for example, tracks legislative developments, posts links to Congressional hearings, and publishes policy studies.  A list of all federal departments and agencies, with links to their websites, is available at

  • Law360 (open access from Temple Law campus; text version also available on Lexis)
    Law 360 provides daily news in a variety of practice areas, including cybersecurity, banking, legal ethics, and much more.  In addition, it includes analysis and opinions on current topics.  Faculty that would like off campus access to Law360 should contact Charles Perkins at

  • Legal Intelligencer through (Temple subscription) provides legal news and analysis from across American Lawyer Media's national and regional publications including The Legal Intelligencer (Philadelphia), The American Lawyer, and the National Law Journal, with the opportunity to view news by practice topics.

  • Seton Hall Circuit Review (Temple Law subscription via HeinOnline)
    This scholarly journal analyzes circuit splits and publishes scholarly articles on recent legal developments.

  • Legal Blogs (open access)
    Justia’s BlawgSearch sorts legal blogs by practice area, then lists them by popularity.  

  • Westlaw Bulletins & Topical Highlights (Temple Law subscription only)
    Westlaw publishes topical highlights (grouped by practice area) and bulletins (grouped by jurisdiction) to summarize recent legal developments.  Most take the form of 1-2 paragraph summaries of recent cases.  Updated almost daily.

  • SSRN Legal Scholarship Network eJournal subscriptions (open access)

    Works posted to SSRN are organized by eJournals. An eJournal can gather articles by source -- like the Temple University Beasley School of Law Legal Studies Research Paper Series -- or subject -- like the Compliance & Risk Management eJournal from the TLS Center of Compliance and Ethics. Subscribing to an eJournal means you're on a distribution list to receive notifications of new articles in that eJournal. Use these alerts to stay on top of emerging scholarship in your subject area.

    Manage your subscriptions
    - Log in to SSRN.
    - Click on Subscriptions under the SSRN logo at the top left.
    - Scroll down to Legal Scholarship Network.
    - Follow the "Click here" link to manage your journal subscriptions.
    - Expand the category menus and click in the checkboxes next to the eJournals you'd like to receive.
    - Choices are saved automatically.

Additional Resources is an online service addressing the issue of linkrot when citing to resources on the internet. will create a copy of the webpage and provide you with a permanent link to the archived copy so that if the page changes or is taken down you still have a record of the resource.   

W&L Law Journal Rankings - Maintained by the Law Library at the Washington & Lee University School of Law.  This database allows users to evaluate and compare different law reviews based and a number of characteristics and criteria. 

Information for Submitting Articles to Law Reviews & Journals this document, curated and regularly updated by Allen Rostron and Nancy Levit from the University of Missouri Kansas City, is divided into two charts.  The first chart provides information on the submission process for each journal.  The second chart provides information about various rankings for both the law review/journal and its associated law school.  This document only addresses the "flagship" journal for each school.

Information for Submitting Articles to Specialty & Non-Flagship Law Journals This document, created by recent Michigan grad Michael Goodyear, complements the item above, with information about submitting articles to specialty (non-flagship) law journals at ABA-accredited law schools in the United States. Covering over 450 journals, the chart includes links to the journal's page, the accepted methods for submitting an article, special formatting or length requirements, whether the journal accepts outside student submissions, and whether the journal offers any non-traditional publishing options.