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Faculty Services

Law Library services for Law Faculty

Claim Your Scholarship

ORCID ID is a global registry for researchers and scholars that supports consistent, reliable attribution of authors and their work. Sign up using your @temple email and select Temple University as your affiliation. Danny Buckwalter is available to assist you with any questions regarding ORCID IDs.

Once you have set up your ORCID ID profile, you can add it to your HeinOnline Author Profile to gather your publications, citing reference counts, and other scholarly impact metrics.

After you have checked your HeinOnline Author Profile you may want to consider setting up a Google Scholar profile.

Making Your Scholarship Findable

The Library is available to help you make your scholarship more findable to potential readers.  In the video below Noa provides an overview of steps that can be taken to ensure potential readers can find and access your work.

For further reading on this topic these articles provide more information.

If you would like to learn more about how to improve your paper's chances of appearing at the top of a reader's search results, Danny put together this video on how to optimize keywords for article findability.

Telling Your Story

The Marketing and Communications team would love to hear about your scholarship and to discuss promotion opportunities with you! Let them know you would like to talk by emailing them at