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How to Write a Conference Abstract

General Advice

This page provides general guidance on how to prepare for the common types of conference abstracts. Use tabs for more specific information on writing Scientific, Case Report, and Quality Improvement conference abstracts. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing Your Abstract

Submitting a conference abstract is competitive

Know the rules:

  • Follow the rules for abstract submission, don't give the reviewers any reason to toss out your abstract
  • Pay attention to word count limits, section headings, how to format your name, etc. 

Know the timeline and deadline:

  • Get your writing goal calendar together at the start to reduce stress
  • Know what is expected at each step of writing
  • Give yourself enough time for writing and re-writing
  • There can be a range of turnaround times

Where to Get Writing Inspiration

Look for an archive of past abstracts from the conference to keep your abstract on track.

Example Resources

Here are some examples of what abstract submission guidelines look like: