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How to Write a Conference Abstract

Medical Terminology

  • Avoid use of medical jargon​
  • Avoid excessive reliance on abbreviations; stick to 3 or less​
  • Always spell out abbreviations the first time they are used with the abbreviation in parentheses behind it​
  • Use generic drug and brand names unless a specific brand is a key aspect of the study

Clarity and Brevity

  • Avoid passive voice; it’s general okay to use first-person voice (ie “we conducted the research”) but check the guidelines​
  • Use past tense for observations, completed actions and specific conclusions​
  • Use present tense for generalizations or general statements​

Helpful grammar editing tools:

Seek Assistance

  • Seek the help of an experienced mentor​
  • Make sure everyone on the project reviews the draft
  • Allow others outside of the project to read your abstract for clarity​
  • Read it orally to catch grammatical errors and word omissions