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How to Write a Conference Abstract

Reasons for Rejection

You may write a great abstract, but it still isn't accepted at the conference. There could be a few reasons why, some of these reasons are within your control while others are not.​

These are some reasons your abstract may be rejected, where you had control: 

  • You didn't follow the guidelines/instructions​
  • There were glaring spelling/grammar mistakes​
  • Your project wasn't relevant to the conference theme​
  • Your abstract had too much theory and not enough results​
  • Your project isn't far enough along​
  • Your project isn't original enough​
  • Your abstract didn't convey why your project was interesting​

​Here are some things that may be out of your control:

  • There was a high volume of submissions​
  • The particular topic of some abstracts was over-subscribed, with many submissions on a similar theme​
  • The particular topic of some abstracts was under-subscribed, with not enough submissions to constitute a meaningful session

Don’t get discouraged. Try again! You can revise your abstract and submit to another conference or try again next year.