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The Legacy of Mesoamerica: ANTH / LAS 2098 / HIST 3096

Find resources for information literacy assignments and final research paper

Warm Up Information Literacy Assignment - Due 1/27/20

Assignment: Even if you are entirely unfamiliar with Mesoamerica, please find three sources -- one bookone article, and one primary source -- about a Mesoamerican topic of your choice. For each source, write down the...

  • author, editor (or sponsoring organization if there is no author/editor);
  • title (of book, article, website, documentary film, historical document, artwork, or any other media type);
  • publisher (if a book); and
  • date of publication or last updated if website.

Then, in no more than twenty sentences, about two paragraphs maximum, describe your research process for finding these three sources.

Info Lit Assignment #1: Find a (print) Library Book - Due 2/21/20

Bring a printed library book on your topic from Charles Library to class.

Information Literacy Assignment #2: Reading List - Due 2/28/20

Assignment: Each student will create a relevant reading list of scholarly sources on the topic already chosen for the final research paper.

  • Find at least five secondary sources from such media as journal articles, academic books, and credible websites.
  • Find and include at least one tertiary or reference source, for instance an article from a scholarly encyclopedia.
  • Lastly, include at least one primary source. 
  • You must have a total of seven sources minimum. Most students will find at least twice this number (or 14 sources). 
  • Please give your reading list a working title.
  • Keep a log of your research activities. You will need the information a research log provides when it comes time to annotate your sources. 
  • Please follow the Chicago or Turabian's Author-Date style for your reading list.