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Digital Privacy

Securing Your Devices

Full Disk Encryption is a storage encryption technology that secures a computers and mobile devices by encrypting all the data at rest on the hard drive.


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Mobile Devices

Mobile Phone Tracking

A faraday bag is a sealed device that prevents your cell phone from receiving or sending radio frequency signals. You can make one yourself or buy one online. This is the only secure way to  prevent cell phone tracking, though there are half-measures that provide some protection. Given the ways most people currently use cell phones, a faraday bag or other half-measures can be very inconvenient.

Other ways you can reduce tracking:

  • Switch your mobile device to airplane mode
  • Switch off WiFi, Bluetooth, and Location Services off when not in use


When crossing national borders

The US and many other national governments allow legally intrusive inspection of electronic devices at the border. Be prepared when crossing national borders.

Devices: Steps You Can Take

  • Don’t leave devices unattended
  • Use strong login password
  • Use full disk encryption
  • Keep your operating system, software, and browsers up-to-date
  • Wipe devices clean before recycling, donating, or discarding