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LGBT Social Movements: GSWS 3000 / LGBT 3400

This guide is designed to help students do research for the LGBT Social Movements: History, Politics, and Change in America (GSWS 3000 / LGBT 3400) course.

Find News Articles about Movements in Newspapers & Magazines

Need to find news articles about social movements and/or organizations? Use the sources below to find relevant news information.

Search Tips

Not sure what keywords to use? Try some of the following suggestions:

  • The names/acronyms of organizations associated with the movement
  • Key individuals associated with the movement
  • Key individuals in opposition to the movement
  • Names of awards won/given
  • Key issues centered around the movement
  • Key events associated with the movement (ie. rallies, protests, advertising)
  • Legislation associated with the movement 

Other tips:

  • Place quotation marks around names and phrases. This will force the database to search for those exact words. (ie. "Sylvia Rivera")
  • Limit your search to a specific region/state/publication (ie. Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Limit your search to a specific timeframe (ie. past year, past month, 2001-2003)

What should you look for in those articles?

  • Consider - How does the media portray these movements and/or organizations?
  • Consider - How do these movements and/or organizations use the press to benefit their causes?
  • Are there names of individuals mentioned that you could perhaps contact?
  • Are there names of other, similar organizations mentioned?