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Small Business Development

A guide to information about small business planning and development.


Hello and welcome to my LibGuide on small business development and entrepreneurship. This guide is intended to aid entrepreneurship students as well as individuals involved in small business endeavors. On this guide, you will find information available on the Web, printed material, and electronic resources available through the Temple University Libraries. 

Search Tips:  When searching for articles you can try a variety of terms that relate to small business development, such as New Business Enterprises, Entrepreneurship, Business Incubators, Social entrepreneurship, Sustainable development, Green marketing, etc.

How to Identify the Industry

The United States uses a number coding system called the North American Industry Classification System (NAICSto represent the types of businesses operating in the economy.  NAICS can be searched here

The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are an older classification system that is used by the Security and Exchange Commission.  SIC codes can be searched here

Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS) is a system designed for the needs of the investment community. It uses revenues as a key measure of a company's business activity.  It is used in Standard & Poor's products.  Read more about it at the site.

How to use Industry Codes

So you've found your NAICS code?  Great.  Here's where to go to use it.  

Information producers link the industry codes to their publications, such as reports, articles, and financial data. These databases have the option to search by industry code, as well as keyword, industry terms, company names and subject headings.


Researching the cable industry: Start with a leading company, such as Comcast Corp. Their primary industry is NAICS Code 515210 for Cable and Other Subscription Programming. The first two digits of the code give the sector of the economy. NAICS 51 is the information industry. The first three digits represent a sub-sector of the industry, such as Broadcasting (except Internet) which is NAICS 515

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