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Indigenous Peoples

also identified as Native Peoples, Aboriginal Peoples, or Fourth World.


Temple University faculty and students have access to two large video and DVD collections: 1) the CLA Ed Tech Center collection located in AL-21 Anderson Hall , and 2) the Charles Library collection, located at Media Sevices on the first floor of Charles Library.

The CLA ED Tech Center collection is a teaching resource for faculty and TAs; faculty are allowed to reserve and check out video, audio, and slide resources. Students are not permitted to checkout materials but may view visual materials related to their coursework in selected study spaces at the Center.

Materials from the Charles Library collection can be checked out by anyone with a Temple ID for a period of 7 days. All videos and DVDs from both collections are listed in Library Search. Videos or DVDs in either collection can be located by title, director, or filmmaker.

Both collections contain documentaries and feature films about indigenous peoples, some notable examples being the Disappearing World series, and the films of Robert J. Flaherty.

A partial list of films, many of which are online, about indigenous peoples:

The architecture of mud  ( online and DVD) (Hadhramaut region of southeast Yemen)

At the time of whaling (online and DVD) (Eskimo people of Gambell, Alaska)

Atanarjuat the Fast Runner  (DVD) (Inuit community in the Northwest Terrorities of Canada)

The ax fight (online and DVD) ( Yanomamo Indian village)

Benny and the Dreamers (online and DVD) (Aboriginal Australians)

The Bharvad Predicament (online and DVD) (Bharvad cattle herdsmen in India)

Borom Sarret (DVD) (Dakar, Senegal - first ever indigenous black African film)

Dead Birds (online and DVD) (Dani from New Guinea)

The feast (online and DVD) (Yanomamo)

Finzan (online and DVD) (Bambara, Africa)

Fishing at the stone weir (online and DVD) (Netsilik Eskimos)

The goddess and the computer (online and DVD) (Bali, Indonesia)

Gone to pat (online and DVD) (Juang People, India)

Grass: a nation's battle for Life (DVD) (Bakhtiyari) (Iranian people)

Les hommes qui font la pluie (DVD) ( Songhay of Niger)

Horendi (DVD) ( Niamey of Niger)

The hunters (online and DVD) (!Kung)

In the land of the war canoes (DVD) ( Kwakiutl Indians)

Ishi, the last Yahi (online and DVD) (Yana Indians)

A Kalahari Family (online and DVD) (!Kung (African people)

Kawelka: Ongka's Big Moka (online and DVD)(Kawelka (Papua New Quinea People)

The Kayapo (online and DVD) (Indians of South America)

Keep the river on your right (DVD) (Mashco Indians of Peru)

The Lau of Malaita (online and DVD) (Soloman Islanders)

Legong: dance of the Virgins (DVD) ( Balinese)

Masai women (online and DVD)(Masai, Africa)

N!ai; the story of a !Kung Woman (online and DVD) (!Kung)

Nanook of the North (online and DVD) ( Quebec, Canada)

People of the wind (DVD) (the Babadi of the Bakhtiaries of Iran)

The potters of Buur Heybe, Somalia (DVD) (Somalia)

Rabbit-proof fence (DVD) (Aboriginal Australians)

Une sortie de novices de Sakpata: Dahomey, region de Acada (DVD) (Benin)

Stories of the Dreamtime (DVD) (Aboriginal Australians)

Trance and Dance in Bali (DVD) (Balinese, Indonesia)

Whale Rider (online andDVD) (Whangara People, New Zealand)

Herdsmen of the sun (DVD) (Bororo, Africa)

There are many, many more. Use the Book or Videos catalog to find recent additions and other films of interest.

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