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History and Significance of Race in America: AAAS 0829 / HIS 0829 / SOC 0829 / Pol Sci 0829

History and Significance of Race in America 0829

Course description:

Why were relations between Native Americans and whites violent almost from the beginning of European settlement? How could slavery thrive in a society founded on the principle that "all men are created equal"? How comparable were the experiences of Irish, Jewish, and Italian immigrants, and why did people in the early 20th century think of them as separate "races"? What were the causes and consequences of Japanese Americans' internment in military camps during World War II? Are today's Mexican immigrants unique, or do they have something in common with earlier immigrants? Using a variety of written sources and outstanding documentaries, this course examines the racial diversity of America and its enduring consequences.

In this guide you will find:

Recommended databases for locating journal articles.

Information about finding books and using Library of Congress subject headings to locate books about specific groups

Recommended reference books, both online and in print.

Information for finding films at Temple.

Criteria for evaluating web sites.

Information about RefWorks. RefWorks can save you time by formatting your citations and creating a bibliography or list of references for you. .

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