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Causes and Consequences of Revolution: PS 4896

Search tools, sources and suggestions for the Political Science capstone course PS 4896 4, Spring 2024

Paper topic suggestions

General suggestions for a search process:

Get a basic understanding -- background facts, dates, names -- involved in your topic. Assume you know little and trust no source by itself to begin with, particularly sources with no references. The more you know, the more you know what to look for and what to ignore. Ask yourself: who would have a research interest in your topic? Are there related fields of study?

  1. Search your topic in Library Search to see the range of resources, books, articles, etc immediately available through Temple
  2. Search your topic in Web of Science for articles from prominent journals - use linked "Citation" for older articles, use the link to "Related records" for recent articles (the more shared citations, the more likely to be on topic) Request anything not immediately available at Temple through ILLiad or EZborrow
  3. Search known references (see Citation Chasing) in Google Scholar and follow the link to "Cited by" and especially a link to Web of Science if there is one. Books will not have a direct link to Temple Library Search, so copy and paste the title into Library Search from Google Scholar. Request anything not immediately available at Temple through ILLiad or EZborrow
  4. Search Google Scholar for keywords. Pay attention to "cited by" and the date of publication. Narrow the "Since" year on the left if necessary. Request anything not imm1) ediately available at Temple through ILLiad or EZBorrow
  5. Use subject databases to focus your searches.

What explains variation across American cities in the intensity of Black Lives Matter protests in the summer/fall of 2020?




Why did protests succeed in toppling the government in Tunisia in 2011 during the Arab Spring, but not in Syria?




Why is revolutionary victory often followed by a ‘reign of terror’ and what are the effects of that ‘terror’ on society? (focus on the French and Russian Revolutions) 

Political trials in an age of revolutions : Britain and the North Atlantic, 1793-1848

The afterlives of the terror : facing the legacies of mass violence in postrevolutionary France

The French Revolution: a history in documents   Request Rapid Access

“Repressions Are Necessary; the Newspaper Hype Is Not”: Explaining Terror in Soviet Terms Malcolm L G Spencer ISSN: 2311-911X , 2310-757X; DOI: 10.15826/qr.2020.3.492 Quaestio Rossica. , 2020, Vol.8(3), p.743-762


Why is the government of the Central African Republic unable to defeat the insurgents that have emerged in that country in recent years?

Central African Republic and insurgents in database ProQuest Political Science

Book: Hunting Game: Raiding Politics in the Central African Republic, pp. 191 - 214 DOI:[Opens in a new window] Publisher: Cambridge University Press Print publication year: 2020

Book: The Security Arena in Africa: Local Order-Making in the Central African Republic, Somaliland, and South Sudan

Duursma, Allard. "State Weakness, a Fragmented Patronage-Based System, and Protracted Local Conflict in the Central African Republic." African Affairs 121, no. 483 (2022): 251-274.