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Causes and Consequences of Revolution: PS 4896

Search tools, sources and suggestions for the Political Science capstone course Spring 2023

Paper topic suggestions

Why is revolutionary victory often followed by a ‘reign of terror’ and what are the effects of that ‘terror’ on society? (focus on the French and Russian Revolutions) 

Political trials in an age of revolutions : Britain and the North Atlantic, 1793-1848

The afterlives of the terror : facing the legacies of mass violence in postrevolutionary France

The French Revolution: a history in documents   Request Rapid Access

“Repressions Are Necessary; the Newspaper Hype Is Not”: Explaining Terror in Soviet Terms Malcolm L G Spencer ISSN: 2311-911X , 2310-757X; DOI: 10.15826/qr.2020.3.492 Quaestio Rossica. , 2020, Vol.8(3), p.743-762


Why is the government of the Central African Republic unable to defeat the insurgents that have emerged in that country in recent years?

Central African Republic and insurgents in database ProQuest Political Science

Book: Hunting Game: Raiding Politics in the Central African Republic, pp. 191 - 214 DOI:[Opens in a new window] Publisher: Cambridge University Press Print publication year: 2020

Book: The Security Arena in Africa: Local Order-Making in the Central African Republic, Somaliland, and South Sudan

Duursma, Allard. "State Weakness, a Fragmented Patronage-Based System, and Protracted Local Conflict in the Central African Republic." African Affairs 121, no. 483 (2022): 251-274.


How does the social background and upbringing of revolutionary leaders affect their success in mobilizing followers?

Morris, Aldon D., and Suzanne Staggenborg. "Leadership in social movements." The Blackwell companion to social movements (2004): 171-196.

Google Scholar citing above,39&sciodt=0,39&hl=en

Osborne, Danny, and Chris G. Sibley. 2022. The Cambridge handbook of political psychology.



What are the systematic differences between the ways human and civil rights are seen in traditionalist and revolutionary political ideology? (comparison of texts by two classic European political theorists)


Do human rights improve after revolutionary victory? (focus on the Russian and Iranian revolutions)

"iranian revolution" and "russian revolution" and "human rights"


What role do women play in revolutions? Does the situation of women improve as a result of their participation?

GenderWatch  database search on:  women and revolution and (consequences or aftermath)

Google Scholar search on keywords women and revolution and power and rights

Iranian revolution and women


What explains the ability of the Assad regime in Syria to defeat a mass uprising and hold on to power?

Book: Assad or we burn the country : how one family's lust for power destroyed Syria
Google scholar citing above:,39&sciodt=0,39&hl=en

Book: Revolution in Syria : identity, networks, and repression
Google scholar citing above:,39&sciodt=0,39&hl=en

assad and syria and power and revolution in  ProQuest Political Science


Are there social/structural conditions that are common in all settings where revolutions occur?

Papers and books citing Skocpal's Social revolutions in the modern world and limited to keyword search on the word conditions


What explains the strategic choices revolutionary leaders make about their ideological positions? Do they reveal their true views, and if so, when?

Citing Morris: leadership in social movements,39&sciodt=0,39&hl=en


Osborne, Danny, and Chris G. Sibley. 2022. The Cambridge handbook of political psychology.



What explains the rise and fall of anti-Communist repression in the US during the Cold War?

The Cold War in universities : U.S. and Soviet cultural diplomacy, 1945-1990 Request Rapid Access

anti-communism backlash "joseph mccarthy"

Liberals, neoconservatives, and foreign policy: 1945-1985 dissertation

The Cold War through documents : a global history

The Palgrave handbook of anti-communist persecutions


Are there similarities in the reasons for mobilization among January 6th protesters and protesters who attacked the Oregon capitol building in the aftermath of the George Floyd protests in 2020?

Setter, Davyd, and Sharon Erickson Nepstad. "HOW SOCIAL MOVEMENTS INFLUENCE PUBLIC OPINION ON POLITICAL VIOLENCE: ATTITUDE SHIFTS IN THE WAKE OF THE GEORGE FLOYD PROTESTS." Mobilization: An International Quarterly 27, no. 4 (2022): 429-444.

Comparison between the two appears in the conclusion


What role did media (and specifically QAnon media) play in the January 6th mobilization?

Google scholar

Much scholarly research on the connection between qanon and jan 6 doesn't seem to be out just yet

united states capitol insurrection AND social media


How was race constructed in the aftermath of the Haitian Revolution, and how did those outcomes relate to the promises of revolutionary leaders during the uprising?

“To establish a community of property”: Marriage and race before and during the Haitian Revolution



What explained the civil war draft riots in New York in 1863?

Library Search on the Library of Congress subject heading Draft Riot, New York, N.Y., 1863

Use Draft Riot, New York, N.Y., 1863 in Ebscohost database


What role did communication technology play in revolutionary organization, and how has its role changed over time?

the term protest seems to work better

the terms "social movements" AND communication technology in database ProQuest Political Science


Why did Egypt and Tunisia see major uprisings during the Arab Spring while many of the other countries in the Middle East did not?

Jumet, Kira D. 2018. Contesting the repressive state: why ordinary Egyptians protested during the Arab Spring.

Google Scholar searching within citing article for Tunisia

Lacroix, Stéphane, and Jean-Pierre Filiu. 2018. Revisiting the Arab uprisings: the politics of a revolutionary moment.

The Roots and Causes of the 2011 Arab Uprisings

Salih, K. E. O. (2013). THE ROOTS AND CAUSES OF THE 2011 ARAB UPRISINGS. Arab Studies Quarterly, 35(2), 184-206.

cited by,39&sciodt=0,39&hl=en


Why did US attempts to suppress the Viet Cong and stabilize the South Vietnam government fail despite massive investment of resources and manpower?

Gawthorpe, Andrew J. 2018. To build as well as destroy: American nation building in South Vietnam.


What role did anti-Semitism play in leading to Jewish support for the Russian Revolution?

Library Search books



Why do some striking events trigger massive uprisings while other, similarly striking, events have limited impact on mobilization?

Search keywords events and uprisings in ProQuest Political Science

Not All Sparks Light a Fire: Stakeholder and Shareholder Reactions to Critical Events in Contested Markets

Cited by,39&sciodt=0,39&cites=12399003292963319406&scipsc=1

The interest here is primarily business and corporate response negative critical events, but terms suggest:

Google Scholar search for keywords reactions and critical events and social political