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Ace Your Interview: Researching Your Future Firm, Organization, or Judge

Resources to help prepare for the job or clerkship interview.

Company Research

  • Bloomberg Law Business Intelligence Center (Temple Law access)
    BLaw's Business Intelligence Center collects companies' financials, management profiles, family trees, firms most used for litigation, filings, and more.

  • Hoover’s Company Records (Temple Law access via Lexis)
    Hoover's In-Depth Records database lists executives and gives a company description and history, current and historical sales, and more.  The link above is for the Hoover's database in Lexis. 

  • Business Insights: Global (Temple University access)
    Business Insights Global allows searching by industry or company name.  It has in-depth company information, including history, financials, and news.

  • Mergent Online (Temple University access)
    Mergent's company profiles include key financials, company news and events, annual reports, filings, and competitors.  Mergent also has an executives search option.

  • S&P NetAdvantage (Temple University access)
    Also known as Capital IQ, this database contains detailed company information, including key professionals, financials, filings, and news.

  • SEC Edgar Database (open access; also available on Lexis, under Company & Financial/All SEC Filings)
    Edgar is a searchable database of forms public companies are required to file with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.  Form 10-Ks (filed annually) are the most comprehensive, including information on finances, management, and outlook; Form 10-K's Exhibit 21 lists significant subsidiaries.  Form 10-Qs (filed for each of the first three quarters of the year) give quarterly financial information,and Form 8-Ks report major corporate events.

  • Don't forget to check the company website and social media, and run a news search.