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Ace Your Interview: Researching Your Future Firm, Organization, or Judge

Resources to help prepare for the job or clerkship interview.

Attorney Research

  • Company/firm website (open access)
    Attorneys and their firms want to tell the world about their qualifications, so many attorneys in private practice have a biography on their firm or personal website.  These biographies may include practice areas, education, awards, links to recent publications, and even some personal information about hobbies or family.  This should be your first stop.

  • (open access)
    Martindale-Hubbell's online database lists attorneys throughout the United States.  The depth, breadth, and accuracy of the information on each attorney varies, depending on how much information the attorney or their employer has provided or that Martindale was able to acquire from publicly-available sources.  Also includes ratings for some attorneys.

  • Leadership Connect (Temple Law access)
    Leadership Connect has a directory of law firms, Congressional members and staff, and other professionals.  Use the profiles (which include individuals' employment, schools, and other data) to identify potential connections.  No login needed from campus; the quick start guide is available here.

  • Directory of Corporate Counsel (Temple Law access via Westlaw)
    Corporate counsel can be more difficult to research because their companies frequently do not post publicly-available biographies.  This directory, published by Wolters Kluwer and available in Westlaw's Directories, provides basics such as contact information, education, and employment history.  Searches also may be conducted by company name.  

  • Westlaw Profiler (Temple Law access)
    Located under Westlaw's Directories, this database provides biographic information and information on attorneys' federal litigation activity for the past 10 years, including client names and types, role, and court.  Be aware that the biographical information may not be up to date, and that the federal litigation analytics may not be representative of the attorney's full practice.  This tool could be useful for finding information on in-house counsel.

  • Who’s Who in American Law (print, Temple Law Library)
    This edition of Who's Who contains over 20,000 biographies of attorneys, including practicing attorneys, members of the judiciary, legal educators, and others.  This is not a comprehensive resource, but it does contain some information not readily available elsewhere, particularly for persons not on the bench or practicing in a law firm.  Biographies include education, employment history, family information, hobbies, publications, and professional affiliations.  The Law Library has the 2011-2012 edition.

  • Pennsylvania Bar Association Lawyers Directory & Product Guide (print, Temple Law Library)
    The Directory lists lawyers licensed in Pennsylvania and has each attorney's address and phone number.  Information can be accessed by attorney name or by county.  The Law Library has the 2015 edition.