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Ace Your Interview: Researching Your Future Firm, Organization, or Judge

Resources to help prepare for the job or clerkship interview.

Don't forget these...

  • Arizona Handbook for Government Internships and Honors Programs (Temple Law access via the CPM)
    The Arizona Handbook compiles application deadlines, applicant qualifications, and selection process details for government internships and honors programs from varied sources. The handbook also includes each employer’s mission and organizational structure, deadline tables, federal employee salary schedules, and practical information on background checks and finding housing in Washington DC.

  • The Legal Intelligencer (or the equivalent legal publication local to the place where you're interviewing) (Temple University access)
    Do not be surprised when a Philadelphia attorney asks if you saw "the article about [X] in today's Legal" - many read The Legal Intelligencer during their morning commute or first thing when they get to the office, and they assume everyone else does too.  If you prefer print, the Law Library a copy available for loan at the Research Help desk. In addition, Lexis, under Legal News, provides access to legal publications nationwide.  Searching legal publications to find whether a law firm, lawyer, or member of the judiciary has received negative coverage also is a good idea.

  • Law360 (Temple Law access)
    If you have interest in a particular practice area, check the relevant section on Law360 to stay on top of the latest developments in cases, law, and practice.  The direct link above works on Temple Law's campus; Law360 also is available via Lexis, under Legal News.

  • BNA Law Reports (part of Bloomberg Law; Temple Law access)
    BNA's newsletters for tax and environmental law may be the best-known, but BNA also produces newsletters in topics ranging from banking to communications & technology.

  • General news search 
    Multiple databases can be used - such as Lexis News or Westlaw News - to find the good, the bad, and the ugly information on a firm, company, or person.  It's also a good idea to keep up with current events, locally, nationally, and internationally, in case they come up in the interview.

  • And, as always, check social media as well as official websites.

  • Temple Law Career Services has additional resources in its CPM Resource Library.