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Dissent in America: HIST 0849/0949

Library resources that support the History sections of Dissent in America, a GenEd course developed by history professor Ralph Young

Newspapers: Primary-Source U.S. History Databases

The following databases contain historical access to full-text newspapers.

Use these and the magazine databases below for the Library Project to discover how a particular act of dissent in American history was covered by at least three press sources at the time of the event.

Magazines: Primary-Source U.S. History Databases

Tips on Searching Historical Primary Sources

  • Use specific names of individuals, places, events, and organizations.
    • Women may be referred to as Miss or Mrs. + [Last name] in older publications, without their first name.
  • Use Advanced Search to limit by date; Get this information from the biographical and reference sources
  • Think about alternative phrasing, language used during the time period; build your list of terms as you read secondary and primary sources
    • protest = riot = mob
    • draft = conscription
    • Black Americans = Negroes = Colored People


Philadelphia Newspapers