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United States Government Information

This U.S. government information guide is a starting point to connect those interested with agencies and institutions affiliated with publishing and providing support for shared information.


Census counts are used to determine the number of congressional representatives allowed to each state, adjust the boundaries of congressional districts, determine revenue sharing programs, market analysis and other research. The Economic Census is conducted every five years. The Census of the general population, which is called the Decennial Census is conducted every ten years. The research conducted by the Census provides information on population, poverty, race, business, income, housing, education, and society that can be generated in table format or on maps.

Information about communities and society broken down on a national, state, county, municipal or local level.

An annual survey of select communities that provides more current data than the Decennial Census.

Information by decade from 1790 to 1930.

Available online from 1790 to 1960.

Links to national, state regional and local statistics from historical Decennial Censuses.

County and City Data Book
Social, economic and political data on counties and incorporated cities.

  1. Government Documents Online (current version)
  2. Stacks (under call number HA202.S911) from 1949 to 1995

Current economic data provided by The White House. Includes charts.

Current social and demographic statistics provided by The White House. Includes charts.

Federal Committee on Statistical Methodology are statistics collected by more than 100 Federal agencies. Search by topic, subject area, agency or keyword. Produces mapped profiles of any state, county, city, congressional district, or Federal judicial district.

Statistics pertaining to American social and economic conditions. Includes some international data.

  1. Government Documents Online from 1878-2005
  2. Library Stacks (under call number HA202.S9)
  • Vital statistics of the United States

Statistical information on natality, mortality, marriage, and divorce.

  1. Online from 1890 to the present.
  2. Stacks (under call number HA203.A2)


Inflation, wages, productivity, occupations, business costs, industrial safety, demographics, statistical and geographic information about labor economics.

TradeStats Express allows the searcher to "retrieve, visualize, analyze, print, and download...customized output" of the latest annual trade data from the Office of Trade and Economic Analysis (OTEA).

STAT-USA/Internet is the Department of Commerce's web portal for all of the information available from the National Trade Data Bank.

  • Statistical Reference Index (SRI) 

Microfiche collection of publications issued by associations, business/research organizations, and state government containing statistical data.

  1. Library (under call number Z7554.U5S77x) from 1981 to 2004
  2. Microfiche collection from 1985-2005

Microfiche is located at off-site storage Depository and may take one business day to be delivered to the library or to be scanned and delivered. Select the Request button.

  • American Statistics Index (ASI)

Microfiche collection of non-depository documents arranged by entry numbers in the printed index. 
Microfiche collection from 1974-2003

Microfiche is located at the Library's off-site storage and may take one business day to be delivered to the library or to be scanned and delivered.  Select the Request button from Library Search.

Commercial Directories and other sites:

Useful for explanations of basic statistical terminology.