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Jazz Century in America: DANC 0806

Resources for the Gen Ed Course, Jazz Century in America

Week 10

Jazz and the Concert Stage

photo of Duke Ellington playing piano

Duke Ellington readings from Music Online.  - includes ebook Ellington's autobiography Music is my mistress, the Ellington entry in the International Dictionary of Black Composers, Vol. I., and "Ellington: Our Greatest Composer" in Jazz: America's Classical Music.

Duke Ellington playlist from Music Online.


 publicity shot of George Gershwin

George Gershwin from American National Biography 

George Gershwin playlist from Music Online.


 headshot of Leonard Bernstein from the side

Leonard Bernstein from American National Biography 

Leonard Bernstein playlist from Music Online.


DVD cover of George Balanchine

George Balanchine  from the International Dictionary of Ballet

George Balanchine DVDs Temple University Library


 Jerome Robbins

Jerome Robbins from the Encyclopedia of World Biography.

DVDs of Jerome Robbins' and his choreography at Temple Library