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Jazz Century in America: DANC 0806

Resources for the Gen Ed Course, Jazz Century in America

Weeks 6/7 - The Dialogue and Many Voices of Swing

Lindy Hop


Lindy Hop Video from Music Online.



headshot of Fletcher Henderson


Fletcher Henderson article from International Dictionary of Black Composers, Vol. I.  
Fletcher Henderson playlist from
Music Online.


Chick Webb on his drums


Chick Webb biography from the All Music Guide  
Chick Webb playlist
from Music Online.


Duke Ellington


Duke Ellington readings from Music Online.  - includes ebook Ellington's autobiography Music is my mistress, the Ellington entry in the International Dictionary of Black Composers, Vol. I., and "Ellington: Our Greatest Composer" in Jazz: America's Classical Music. 
Duke Ellington playlist from Music Online.


Count Basie


Count Basie from Grove Music Online.
Count Basie playlist from Music Online.


Benny Goodman


Benny Goodman article from Grove Music Online.
Benny Goodman playlist from Music Online


Normal Miller


Norma Miller's oral history video excerpts



Frankie Manning


Official Frankie Manning site.


Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday from American National Biography.

Lady Sings the Blues - Billie Holiday, composer and vocals from Naxos Music Library-Jazz
Lady Day the many faces of Billie Holiday ML420.H58 L339x 1991   DVD at Paley Media Services


Lester Young article from Grove Music Online. Lester Young
Lester Leaps In: The Life and Times of Lester "Pres" Young by Douglas Henry Daniels ebook through Music Online.  
Lester Young playlist from
Music Online.



Ken Burns Jazz


Ken Burns' Jazz Series DVDs