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Livingstone Undergraduate Research Awards

Honors the best research projects produced each year by Temple University undergraduates.

About the award categories

Below are some general descriptions of the various award categories.  The disciplines and methods listed should not be considered exhaustive; imagination is the limit!

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in Humanities

This category covers research methods in the Humanities (in both traditional and digital forms). Disciplines represented include such fields as Art History, Classics, Literature, Film Studies, Linguistics and Languages, History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies.

Much of the scholarly output in the humanities relies upon traditional library research methods using primary and secondary sources, though the specific source types consulted will vary from discipline to discipline.

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in Social Sciences

This category covers research methods in the Social Sciences.  Disciplines represented include such fields as Anthropology, Business, Communication Studies, Economics, Education, Geography and Urban Studies, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Social sciences often include qualitative or quantitative research methods similar to those used by the "hard" sciences, but may also involve more traditional library research in the form of a literature review.

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in STEM Disciplines

This category covers research methods used in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Projects exploring sustainability and the environment are encouraged to submit to this category.

For the sciences, submissions will include a review of the relevant literature and a description of experimental results obtained through the scientific method.  Technology and engineering submissions may take the form of a technical report or design document.

These submissions should include visual representations of results where appropriate.

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in Creative Work and Media Production

This category covers research which culminates in a Creative or Multimedia Work in areas such as Visual Arts, Music, Dance, Theater, or Media Production. 

For works which cannot be submitted online, such as paintings, sculptures, or ceramics, please submit digital images such as one might use in a portfolio.  Submissions should include a bibliography of sources consulted in the creation of the creative work.

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award in Diversity and Social Justice

Applicants in any of the other categories have the option of also submitting their project for consideration in the Diversity and Social Justice category.  These submissions could utilize humanities or scientific methodologies, involve creative work or literature reviews, but should relate in some way to the overall theme of Diversity and Social Justice.

Livingstone Undergraduate Research Award for General Education Courses

This category honors exemplary work completed in a General Education Course at Temple University.