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Find Newspapers

Temple Libraries provide access to a diverse collection of thousands of papers from around the world. Use this guide to find contemporary and historical newspapers.

New York Times Online

The Library now offers access to the New York Times Online. Temple faculty, staff, and students can register for access using their email address.

  • Unlimited access to the digital edition of The New York Times 
  • Once registered, faculty/staff have four years of full account access, after which they must re-authenticate by visiting
  • Students have access until 12/31 of their selected graduation year
  • Learn more about Temple's New York Times Online access

Contemporary Newspaper Collections

Best bets for newspaper databases: If you have a topic in mind, search one or more of the major newspaper databases listed below.

Contemporary Newspaper Titles

Major daily newspapers available full-text online through Temple:

Keep in mind, these are text-based versions of the newspapers. Photographs, images, or multimedia are not included.

For older issues of most of these newspapers (which may include image layouts and photographs), see ProQuest Historical Newspapers

* Late edition, East Coast = includes text-based content that appears in the print, East Coast version of The New York Times. Similar content may (or may not) appear in the online edition on a different date with a different title. Sometimes, it's good practice to check both editions.
* Online edition = includes text-based content that appears in the website version of The New York Times. Similar content may (or may not) appear in the late edition on a different date with a different title. Sometimes, it's good practice to check both editions.

Specialized News Sources

"Specialized" news sources are here defined as those published for and by members of a group based on ethnic or racial affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, or political affiliation