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Program Planning: SBS 3496/3596

Resources and information for Program Planning in CPH

What you will find here

This guide was created as an introductory path for classes in public health. Resources available at Temple and beyond have been selected for ease of finding. Please be aware, though, that this is not comprehensive and you may find resources by searching our Database list, The Library Search and of course sometimes Google but be aware that you have access to many resources at Temple that Google cannot provide.

  • Statistics and Data is another guide containing the more common health statistics resources on the state, local and national levels. 
  • CPH-Selected Topics will take you to a different guide covering resources for topics such as environmental health, law, and disasters and more.

Library Overview

Be sure to use the library as your starting point for your research. There are many databases, journals and books that we have purchased to provide you with a broad spectrum of information. 

Don't forget!-Managing citations: when you start your literature searching, be sure to use a tool that will help you save, organize and retrieve references for easy use in your papers.

Accessing Full Text and more

The library has a series of purchased resources that are only available to you by you going through the Temple University options. This image is the route to getting to so many of those things at Temple.

At times you may be able to do your article searching without logging in, but you will be required to if you try to get the full text. A good habit to get into is to ALWAYS use TUPortal and/or the libraries websites.

Public Health Library Liaison

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Lauri Fennell
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