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Program Planning (Graduate): SBS 5002

library resource guide-scroll down the page


This guide is for SBS5002: Program Planning, Theory, and Practice. The purpose of the guide is to provide links to resources that will help you find information for each section of your major project. At the side of the guide, navigate to the "Course Texts" tab to find links and information about the books you will use during this class. For information about in-text citations, references lists, formatting, and all things APA, check out the "Citing" tab. Finally, if you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our public health librarian, click the "Get Help" tab. The librarian can help with literature searches, finding appropriate databases for various types of information, distinguishing between scientific and non-scientific sources, and much more.


Web Resources (free and open to the public)

CDC (data and background information about conditions)

Healthy People 2020 (data + systematic reviews about programs)

Community Guide (systematic reviews about types of interventions) : note that this site hasn't updated their certificate so you may get a warning.

Temple Database: