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Social Work

Recommended resources for Social Work students

Background and Reference

Background contents are found in textbooks, encyclopedias, handbooks, manuals, bibliographies, and other reference sources, as well as listed on course syllabi.  In addition to using Library Search, browse Social Work and related textbooks at E-Textbooks at Temple University Libraries.

Tip:  The above link provides browsing by subject.  The 20th edition (2008) can also be browsed and searched on Oxford Reference Library (unlimited users) by A to Z entries. Use the "Search within work" box to look up terms and phrases. 
To get a sense of the structure and organization, view a full listing of A to Z entries on the NASW Press site.

Governmental Agencies

National Level

State and Local Levels

Associations and Networks

Search for more social work related associations, welfare, special interest and advocacy organizations with Gale Directory Library.  For example, search "Social Work" or "Homeless" in the Encyclopedia of Associations: National Organizations of the U.S. and filter by State and Subject Category.