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Social Work

Recommended resources for Social Work students

Starting Points

I heart Social Work embroidery  Use the resources and information on this guide to get started with research on various topics in Social Work 

  1. Consult background and reference materials and use Library Search below to find and access books, journal articles, and much more. Library Search FAQs and Library Search Tutorial
  2. Use Subclass HV, LC Classification (Call Numbers) and Subject Headings for Social Work.

Top Resources

Tip:  The above link provides browsing by subject.  The 20th edition (2008) can also be browsed and searched on Oxford Reference Library (unlimited users) by A to Z entries. Use the "Search within work" box to look up terms and phrases. 
To get a sense of the structure and organization, view a full listing of A to Z entries on the NASW Press site.

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