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Capstone Seminar in Global Studies GBST 4096 - 002

Sources and suggestions for Capstone projects in Global Studies Fall 2020


-legal frameworks/U.N. legal statutes for the protection of displaced peoples

-roles that women play in militant and terrorist organizations

Güneş, M. T. (2020). A path out of patriarchy? political agency and social identity of women fighters. Perspectives on Politics, 18(3), 722-739. doi:

-power balances among Middle East countries and its relationship to global power balances

-a comparison of Sao Paolo and Paris urban peripheries and social marginalization

-Bangladeshi refugees and camps as they are affected by global warming

-impact of World Bank and IMF on development in Morocco

-comparison of South African apartheid and zionism in Israel/Palestine

-racism and race in media in Brazil

-comparison of homelessness in U.S./China

-whether far-right/populist governments have worse outcomes in managing Coronavirus

-predatory lending practices of China to African countries

-comparisons/differences among reception of Black Panther film in different parts of the world

-family/children and coordination of international law (re., e.g.,: divorce, custody)