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Analytical Reading and Writing


This guide contains provides guidance on the research process, how to find resources using the TUJ Library, how to evaluate resources, and how cite your sources using MLA.

Under "CLASS TOPICS", you will find some resources to help you start your research for the Analytical Reading and Writing course you are taking.

In addition to helping you find credible resources for your topic, it also offers research tips, how to evaluate your sources and how to cite your sources -- plus reminders about the importance of academic integrity. Most importantly, it provides direct access to a TUJ Librarian if you need help.

Library Search

Results from this search displays all books, e-books, videos, magazine and newspaper articles, scholarly journal articles and other resource-types found in the library collection.  Use the Advanced Search option for more targeted results

You can also search the library collection directly using the TUJ Library Web Site or Main Campus Library Web Site.  Both search the same database of resources.

Access to Library Resources

Don't forget, all library materials are free for TUJ students!

Many of the resources you find using Library Search can only be access by current students, and will require logging-in with an AccessNet Username and Password

Difficulty logging in?
Please email  For more immediate help, see the I Can't Log In help page.


One Perfect Source?

Finding the perfect source for your research paper is not always easy.  This video describes why you might not find the perfect source, and what to do when this happens.




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