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Communication Deviations and Disorders CSD2197


RefWorks allows you to:

  • Create a personal database online - Store an unlimited number of records, accessible from any computer linked to the Internet. No downloading software or installation required.
  • Import references automatically - RefWorks can easily import search results from a wide variety of databases.
  • Organize references - Sort and search your stored references quickly and easily.
  • Format bibliographies and manuscripts - Save hours of typing and decrease the number of errors in creating tedious bibliographies. Easily make changes and reformat your bibliography in seconds.
  • Attach files to your citations - You are allotted 100MB of file storage for attaching files (of up to 5MB each) to your citations.

Create Your Account for Refworks

You have free access to RefWorks as a Temple faculty, student, or staff, but it does require you to create your individual account. To create your account, go to Refworks, then click on the "Sign Up for an Individual Account" link that appears in the login box.

login refworks

  • Create a free user name and password for Refworks.
  • This is DIFFERENT from your AccessNet user name and password.