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Immersive Technology (VR, AR, XR)

Guide to assist with research on virtual reality.


Metadata and preservation standards are essential for discovery and long-term access. However, due to the plethora of immersive formats, it is very complicated to develop them for immersive technology. Efforts are being launched to establish standards for 3D objects and virtual reality, but the requirements for virtual reality will be different from 360 video, AR, and other formats that are developed and hosted differently.

VR Preservation Project
"Studying the Preservation of Virtual Reality at University of Oklahoma Libraries"

Community Standards for 3D Preservation (CS3DP)
"Although there is great interest in 3D applications in research, there is currently little available guidance regarding the preservation of digital objects and associated information in perpetuity. The preservation and sharing of research data is a necessary, invaluable responsibility of libraries and museums, and although standards and best practices have been developed for many kinds of digital data to ensure assets can be accessed and reused in perpetuity, the applicability of these standards to 3D data is limited, as evidenced by the 2017 CS3DP survey results. The proposed forums will convene qualified groups of experts and key stakeholders, including librarians, faculty and professionals in adjacent fields from the United States and abroad."

Smithsonian 3D Metadata Model
"As 3D digitization becomes more common in collections documentation, there is a growing demand for tools to address the specific needs of 3D data stewardship. Central to this is the identification and creation of metadata models to describe these digital surrogates. Just as importantly, such metadata should describe the ‘raw’ source data from which 3D models are derived and should document the technical processes going into data collection and model creation. There are many institutions and organizations actively working in this area and we are publishing the Smithsonian’s internal 3D metadata model to add another data point to this critical discussion. We hope this will fuel further discussions within the community, helping everyone identify critical elements which can be standardized to facilitate robust data sharing, and pushing towards the creation of an interoperable metadata model."


A Rift in Our Practices?: Toward Preserving Virtual Reality 
"A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Arts Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program"