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American Ethnic Groups / Ethnicity

a Guide to Resources

Selected Internet Resources

Official information and services from the U.S. government.

Community profiles of most communities in the United States, which include, among much other information, the ethnic ancestry of each community.  

"a series of county-level choropleth maps based on the 2000 Census, which reveal the distribution of many American Ethnic groups".

The country’s first and largest national collaboration of ethnic news organizations.


Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Are you unsure about what an annotated bibliography is, and how to create one? Read the concise description provided by the Reference Department  at Cornell University Library.

One of the examples which they give is done in APA format, which is the format you have been asked to use. An APA style manual is available for consultation at the Charles Library One Stop Assistance Desk.

How to Prepare an Annotated Bibliography by the Reference Department, Cornell University Library