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Vocal Music

Help finding scores, recordings, and information important for vocal music

In Brief

This brief list gives an idea of the overall arrangement of vocal music in the library.


M 1500 -- opera scores
M 1600 -- songs
ML 1 - 3930 -- literature on music
ML 457 -- performance practice
ML1400 -- choral music
ML1500 = history of choral music
ML 3930 -- literature on music for children
MT 1 -- MT 960 -- musical instruction and study
MT 1 -- pedagogics
MT 2 - MT 5 -- history and criticism
MT 7 -- music theory
MT875 -- choral singing

Location of Vocal Music in the Library

Locations of Vocal Music in the Library 

The following call numbers are a guide to the location of printed music for voice in the library.

M1495-2199 Vocal Music 
M1497-1998    Secular vocal music

M1500-1527.8  Dramatic music - OPERAS

M1500 - Full scores of operas
M1503 - Vocal Scores of Operas

M1528-1529.5       Duets, trios, etc., for solo voices
M1530-1546.5       Choruses with orchestra or other ensemble
M1547-1600       Choruses, part-songs, etc., with accompaniment of keyboard or other solo instrument, or unaccompanied
M1610       Cantatas, choral symphonies, etc., for unaccompanied chorus (secular and sacred) with or without solo voices
M1611-1624.8       Songs
M1627-1853       National music
M1900-1978       Songs (part and solo) of special character
M1985       Musical games
M1990-1998       Secular music for children

M1999-2199    Sacred vocal music
M1999       Collections
M2000-2007       Oratorios
M2010-2017.6       Services
M2018-2019.5       Duets, trios, etc. for solo voices
M2020-2036       Choruses, cantatas, etc.
M2060-2101.5       Choruses, part-songs, etc., with accompaniment of keyboard or other solo instrument, or unaccompanied
M2102-2114.8       Songs
M2115-2146       Hymnals. Hymn collections
M2147-2188       Liturgy and ritual
M2156-2160.87          Orthodox churches
M2161-2183          Protestant churches
M2186-2187          Jewish
M2188          Other non-Christian religions
M2190-2196       Sacred vocal music for children
M2198-2199       Gospel, revival, temperance, etc. songs

M5000     Unidentified compositions

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